Catharcism in motherhood and the spunky twos

March 3, 2024

Amanda shares the ways that motherhood can be cathartic, how spunky and sweet two year old toddlers can be, and how magical the title of “mom” can feel. Read more about her and her journey into motherhood below.

First, tell us your name and a bit more about yourself!

Hi! My name’s Amanda and you may know me as the author of Your Nursery Walls. However, I’m also a professional graphic designer and run a boutique branding studio out of my home in Southern California. I’m a born-and-raised California native and love living on the West Coast. My husband and I met on Bumble right before the pandemic started, so dating was… unique. A year into dating, we found out we were pregnant with our daughter and it was the best thing to ever happen to both of us. Her birth has inspired so many incredible things in my life, including this book! Personally, I love a good romance book, a good latte, and a day with my family out to lunch, the Safari Park, or the beach.

How many kids do you have? What are their ages?

I have one daughter! She’s 2 and spunky as ever.

What has been your favorite stage of motherhood yet? What has been the hardest yet? And is there a stage you’re looking forward to or nervous to reach? Why?

It’s hard to pick a favorite and a least favorite stage. I think each stage has its pros and cons. However, I will say that age two is full of so much joy. I love getting to witness my daughter experience her world. She seemingly learns something new each day, and I love getting to experience her wonder in the otherwise mundane moments. It’s been so much fun to have conversations with her as her vocabulary has taken off, too! Although I will say, there’s nothing quit like the newborn high – it truly is nostalgic and full of magic.

Tell us about your journey into motherhood. How was the transition from no kids to kids?

It was somewhat abrupt but so magical. I was 26 and just about a year into running my branding studio and was a new wife. The most challenging aspect of entering motherhood was finding a balance between how I wanted to show up in my work and how I wanted to show up as a mother and wife. My entire life I’ve wanted to be a mom, so becoming one was extremely fulfilling. However, finding myself again after the transition was a lot harder than I anticipated!

How do you define your role as a mother? What does being a mother mean to you?

Being a mother means to me that I have the responsibility of showing all of the possibilities of the world to my children. I want all of my kids to know that the world is theirs for the making, but I also want to show them what I love to make of it.

What about motherhood has surprised you?

How cathartic it feels. I see so much of myself in my daughter. Being a mom brings out my inner child, and heals parts of me that I didn’t even know needed healing. It’s like it’s given me an opportunity to love myself from an entirely new… external… perspective. I can’t explain it any deeper than that, I think. It’s a feeling I can’t explain!

We all love a good recommendation when it comes to baby gear! Do you have a favorite item in your baby’s nursery? Tell us about it!

I think my favorite item in my daughter’s nursery is her diaper caddy. It’s nothing special but it’s cute and functional, and I love having everything together where I need it right next to her change pad. I think for our next baby, I’d love to invest in a nice glider to rock and read books in.

Think back to the early days with your baby, then all the way up to today. Is there a memory in your baby’s nursery that stands out? What is it and why is it special?

When we first brought our daughter home, we were in a single-room apartment and didn’t have a designated nursery. It wasn’t until we moved when she was around six months old that she got a nursery. So, I think one of my favorite memories is moving her into that room and building her crib. We’ve since moved out of that apartment, and her room was definitely hard to say goodbye to!

Do you have any words of advice or encouragement for new moms?

My best advice is to find a group of women who are in the same stage of motherhood that you’re in, and be willing to be open and vulnerable. Motherhood is really hard and you don’t really understand the weight of it until you’re in it yourself. I think it’s really common for women to find it challenging, but can also find it hard to be honest about it when they feel they have no one else who validates those feelings. So, find women who will validate your feelings and let you know that you’re not alone in them!

And because I have to ask… What’s your favorite thing about the book, Your Nursery Walls?

ALL OF IT! It’s my most cherished project and I am so excited to share it with the world.

Thanks so much for sharing your motherhood experience with us! Where can we find you outside of this blog post?

You can find me and my work, outside of this book, online at or Instagram @poisedavenue. If you haven’t yet, be sure to follow Your Nursery Walls on Instagram – @yournurserywalls – too!

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